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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ page). Below, we have tried to answer the most common questions visitors to our Web site may have. If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please E-mail us or call us at 928 645 2705.


You manage a lot of houseboats, how can you possibly take on more?

Old West Marine Services has put in place robust systems and processes to manage both single owner and multiple owner houseboats. The key is the arrival notice that tells us when you are arriving and what services you need. This arrival notice triggers our scheduling and billing systems and automatically makes sure your needs are met.

We are also staffed to support these boats with full time office staff, mechanics, cleaners and lake crews to meet your every need. To assure availability we never schedule to fully utilize all our resources so that if an emergency occurs we have back up staff to deal with most situations.


What is the big deal about you being a factory authorized dealer?

By being a factory authorized dealer for Mercury, Volvo, Westerbeke, Norcold and many others we have access to the latest factory training. Our technicians are sent to training school annually to make sure they are aware of the latest information available. The latest service bulletins and advisories are automatically sent to us so that we can keep your product up to date and safe.

Individuals with past credentials are not able to access current training and information.

Old West Marine Services can also perform warranty work on your vessel.


How do you control Quality?

All work is performed by full time employees so we have total control over the product or service being provided.

Why can you not come up lake to service my boat?

Good question! The current concession contracts between the National Park Service and the concessioner allow the concessioner the “preferential right” to provide chase boat services for boats not on their assigned slip or buoy. This is interpreted by the National Park Service to mean an exclusive right and therefore they will not allow independent businesses to compete for this business. This can result in long waits for service but there is currently nothing we can do about it.

In the proposed new contract governed by the 1998 Concessions Management Improvement Act exclusivity is specifically prohibited so there could be some changes in this area, particularly if visitor comments are received.


What is your business strategy?

Simply put, one stop shopping. We endeavor to provide all services that the Lake Powell visitor may need (within the constraints of the National Park Service permits). Our customers have only one phone call to make to get all the services they need, when they need them and to get best value for money.


Do you provide mechanical service on boats you do not manage?

Yes, we will service houseboats for mechanical work only in coordination with a management company if you have one. We will not provide management services on houseboats that we do not do the mechanical service


My houseboat is Coast Guard registered, do I need state registration as well?

Only if your boat is moored or stored in Utah. All vessels in Wahweap marina are in Arizona and do not require Arizona registration under Arizona Revised Statute.

The buoy field is a different issue. As the lake level changes so does the mooring state. The border cuts through the buoy field and runs approximately for buoy 160 to 65 at this time (February 2009)  but this is subject to change as the buoy field moves. It is also possible that ARAMARK may move your boat to a different buoy that changes the state in which you are moored

Utah has two parts to its boat registration so a call to the Division of Wildlife is suggested.



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